Mat Removal & Pet Grooming in Frederick, MD

If your pet has long fur, you know how difficult managing it can be. All it takes is one tangle to build up over time and become a mat. At Old Farm Vet, we offer mat removal as part of our pet grooming services in Frederick, Maryland.

Why Are Mats Dangerous?

Mats can manifest anywhere on a pet’s body, however, they are most common where there is long fur and friction. This includes behind the ears, the backs of the legs, and around the tail. Oftentimes, these obscure locations allow mats to go unnoticed.

They’re not only ugly, but they can also pose a serious risk to your pet’s well-being. This is because the mat is a tight clump of fur, constantly pulling on the skin and snagging in uncomfortable ways. 

In fact, some irritable pets may just be grumpy from the constant pain. You may notice he is more relaxed once the mat is removed.

In addition, mats have the potential to obscure injuries and prompt pets to excessively lick or bite their skin. This exacerbates the irritation. In severe instances, mats may even accumulate around bodily excretions, resulting in foul odors, infections, and illness.

Mat Prevention & Removal

As they say, prevention is the best medicine. Brushing your pet once a day will keep their coat soft and tangle-free. Conditioner or de-tangle spray can be used to lubricate the fur, allowing your comb to slip through more easily.

Once a mat has formed, however, removal can be tricky. Scissors are not advisable due to the close proximity to the skin. It’s best to seek out professional grooming services to solve this problem. Shaving in small areas may be necessary.

Professional Pet Grooming & Mat Removal in Frederick, Maryland

At Old Farm Vet, we prioritize the comfort, safety, and health of your pet. Using high-quality tools and plenty of treats, we keep your pet calm through the mat removal process. After a bath and thorough pampering, we return a happy, fresh, and smooth pet.

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