Vaccinations for Cats & Dogs in Frederick, MD

You want your pets to be healthy and happy all year long. Part of maintaining your pet’s health is protecting them from preventable diseases through routine vaccinations.

Like vaccines for humans, vaccines for dogs and cats mimic specific illnesses, helping your pet create antibodies. These antibodies help them fight off disease-causing organisms in the event that your pet is exposed to the real virus or disease.

Without regular vaccinations, a playdate with an infected pet or a run-in with a wild animal could become a huge health problem for your pet.

At Old Farm Veterinary Hospital, we pair vaccinating your pet with an annual wellness exam.

This exam helps us look for signs of disease, ensuring that your pet is healthy enough to respond appropriately to the vaccination and also to avoid making them any more sick if they are already not feeling well.

During your pet’s regular wellness examination, your veterinarian will recommend any appropriate vaccines and, if you consent, perform them on-site.

Some of the vaccines we give to dogs and cats include:

Some vaccines are only recommended early in life, usually when your pet is young or first adopted. Others need to be repeated annually or every few years, with still other vaccines only necessary if you anticipate your pet coming into contact with certain conditions.

Protect your pet from preventable disease – Call Old Farm Veterinary Hospital today for an appointment!