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What You Need to Know About Kennel Cough

As the seasons change, it’s common for your dog to sniffle and sneeze a little bit if they suffer from allergies. However, if your pet is experiencing persistent, harsh coughing, it could be a sign of kennel cough. This is an extremely common and contagious disease in dogs. Though it is not deadly, if it is left untreated it could lead to further health complications. This is especially true for senior and immune compromised dogs. Read on to learn everything you need to know about kennel cough:  What Is Kennel Cough? Kennel cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is…

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Dog or Cat for Boarding

Summer is a time for family vacations and beach trips. But often, these fun adventures mean your pet is left behind at home. Finding quality care for your dog or cat while you’re away can be a challenge, but you’ve done your research and think you’ve found the perfect place to board your pet. Boarding can be stressful on even the most calm, go-with-the-flow pets, and you need to take some steps to make sure your animal is ready for the change. Here are 5 ways to prepare your dog or cat for boarding: Consider a Trial Run If your…

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