Frederick, MD Veterinary Pharmacy

When your pets are sick, they can’t often take the same medications we take as humans. Either they need specialty medications, or they need to have human medicines reformulated to be safe for them.

To help your pet get the medication it needs as quickly as possible, our on-site pharmacy carries a wide variety of pet-safe medications for your dog or cat.

Whether your pet needs antibiotics for an infection, insulin to manage diabetes, or something more specialized, our experienced pharmacy team can get you the right medication quickly. If your pet needs special accommodations in order to take their medication, such as taking the liquid form of a pill medication, or having something compounded into a cream, we work with you and our veterinarians to find a solution to meet your needs.

Our team also is available to answer any of your pet medication questions during open hours, including:

  • Dosing
  • Administration
  • Alternatives
  • Potential reactions
  • Anticipated effects

We want to make sure that you know as much as possible about your pet’s medication before you head home with it, so our team takes time to give you full instructions, things to watch for, and answer any questions you may have.

Get your pet feeling better faster. Call our pharmacy today!