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Pet Having Surgery? You’ll Need These Post-Op Care Tips

No one wants to see their pet have to go through surgery, but sometimes it’s necessary to improve their quality of life. To give your pet the best chance of a speedy, full recovery, it’s important that you practice proper post-operative care. Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking care of your pet after surgery: Follow the Instructions Your pet will be sent home from the vet’s office with a list of important instructions. You need to follow these to the letter, including isolating your pet if necessary, keeping them from jumping on and off furniture, and…

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe Around Household Cleaners

Whether you’re gearing up for a big fall cleaning session or you’re just trying to maintain your home’s fresh appearance, chances are you’ll use some sort of household cleaners. And, if you have pets, it’s important to be careful about which cleaners you use and how you use them. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your pets safe around household cleaners: Ingredients to Watch Out for There are a wide variety of household cleaners out there, ranging from industrial-grade solutions to those marked “non-toxic.” But because there are so many, and because substances affect dogs and cats differently…

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Oh No, My Pet Ran Away! What Do I Do?

You do everything to keep your pet safe and inside your home. But, despite your precautions, accidents happen. Maybe a gate was left open, or maybe you dropped the leash during a walk. The next thing you know, your furry friend has gone missing. When your pet runs away, it’s understandable to feel panicked. Try to remain calm and follow a plan of action.  Follow these 5 steps to get your pet back after he’s escaped.  Don’t Chase  If your pet is still within your sight, don’t run after him. Chasing animals tends to only excite them and cause them…

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14 Concerning Signs Your Pet Needs a Vet Immediately

When our pets seem a little uncomfortable, there are times when their symptoms can wait until the next vet appointment. Other times, their state might be more serious. In these cases, pet owners must act fast to seek medical attention. If you notice your cat or dog displaying any of these 14 concerning signs, take them to a vet immediately! Unusual Fatigue A change in behavior is one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong. This is especially true if your usually energetic, happy-go-lucky pup is suddenly acting sluggish and lethargic.  A sudden loss of energy could be…

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Veterinary Triage: Why Your Pet May Not Be Seen Right Away

If something is wrong with your pet, you’ll bring them to an emergency clinic or call your vet as soon as possible.  But sometimes, you might not be able to be seen right away. You try to be patient, but if your furry friend needs help, you might be wondering why they can’t be seen immediately. There are many reasons why your pet may not be seen right away, such as a shortage of staff, or too many patients needing care at once. If this is the case, the veterinary team will use triage to allocate care most effectively. What…

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