Skin Scraping for Pets

Skin conditions are common in pets, ranging from allergies to cancer. But without proper testing, it can be difficult to determine just what’s causing your dog or cat to scratch, flake, or get bumps and sores. That’s what skin scraping is for.

What Is Skin Scraping?

Skin scraping is the process of using a scalpel to scrape skin cells from the surface of your pet’s skin. Usually, the skin is scraped until a small amount of blood is seen so that cells deep in the skin are collected. Collecting these cells is important because parasites can live deep in the skin.

Once the sample is collected, it’s placed on a microscope slide, mixed with a small amount of oil, and examined under a microscope. 

Typically, you will have results of a skin scraping within 30 minutes, unless the veterinarian needs a second opinion or requires further testing.

Will Skin Scraping Cause My Pet Pain?

Any pain your pet may experience comes from the procedure of scraping the skin. However, most pets experience discomfort rather than actual pain.

Anesthesia is not used for skin scraping.

What Does Skin Scraping Reveal?

Skin scraping can reveal whether your pet has abnormal cells in their skin, which could indicate skin cancer. It also can show certain fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

Skin Scraping for Cats and Dogs in Frederick, MD

If your pet has been itching and scratching more than usual, they may need a skin scraping test from the skilled veterinary team at Old Farm Veterinary Hospital. We’ve got the skills necessary to diagnose and treat your pets, giving you peace of mind. Schedule your appointment today!