Cat Grooming Services near Buckeystown, MD

You love cuddling with your cat, especially when his fur is soft and smelling fresh. But not all cats are so attentive to cleaning themselves, and doing it yourself can be extremely unpleasant. For the best cat grooming services in Buckeystown, Maryland, call Old Farm Veterinary Hospital!

There are many reasons a cat may need professional grooming. For example, if he is old, obese, or has mobility issues, he may not be able to reach his whole body. Other cats have such long and dense coats that they just need a little extra help.

Our affordable services provide everything your pet needs to be his healthiest and most adorable self, including:

  • Bathing
  • Combing and brushing
  • Mat cleaning
  • Fur trimming
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Skin inspection
  • And more! 

In addition, regular grooming can prevent mats, parasites, infections, and other issues.

Our professional groomer, Amy, has over 11 years of experience, as well as the compassion needed to keep your cat safe and comfortable during the process. She can comfort even the sassiest and most timid of cats!

We provide peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands. You get back a fresh, clean, and fluffy cat without any of the hassle!

Old Farm Veterinary Hospital is the supreme choice for cat grooming services near Buckeystown, Maryland. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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