Cat Grooming near Middletown, MD

Some cats are great at cleaning themselves. Other cats, due to age, skin conditions, or other reasons, may need a little help. If you’re tired of wrestling your cat into the bathtub, trust the cat grooming services near Middletown, Maryland, at Old Farm Veterinary Hospital.

We give your pet the first-class treatment he deserves, and you pick up a fresh, fluffy, and great-smelling little guy!

cat grooming near middletown, md

Our grooming services include:

  • Bathing
  • Combing & brushing
  • Mat cleaning
  • Fur trimming
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear plucking & cleaning
  • And more!

We prioritize the comfort and safety of your pet above all else So if you have a particularly feisty friend, don’t worry. Our professional groomer, Amy, has over 11 years of experience keeping pets calm and clean. She provides the best results for cats in Middletown, Maryland, and beyond!

Is your cat smelly? Does he often itch himself? Or maybe you’ve seen gross things stuck in the fur near his behind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call Old Farm Vet.

Unfortunately, our grooming appointments are limited, so don’t wait! Schedule a pampering session for your cat today.

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