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7 Tips For Socializing Your Pet

Congratulations on your new pet! You’ve done all the research on toys and food and housebreaking, you’ve found your vet, and now you want to show off the newest member of your family in public. Socializing a young pup is the best way to raise a friendly, confident dog that behaves well with different people and places. Here are some tips on how to properly socialize your pet. Window of Opportunity While dogs of all ages are learning all the time, there is a proven learning “sweet spot” for dogs that falls between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks….

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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost?

You love your four-legged friend just as much as you love the two-legged humans in your family. They’re friendly, loyal, and always willing to just sit and let you binge-watch Netflix. But, just like your human family members, pet family can suddenly get ill or injured, leading to high vet bills. To help defray the cost of these unexpected – and some anticipated – expenses, more pet owners are turning to pet insurance.  What Is Pet Insurance? Pet insurance operates in a similar manner to health insurance for humans: You pay a monthly premium, and then certain emergency and routine…

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How Often Should I Groom My Pet?

Getting your pet groomed professionally is a great way to keep them clean, great-smelling, and healthier for longer. One of the big questions after you begin grooming your pet is how often you need to continue getting them groomed.  The answer to that isn’t as simple as a specific number. Instead, it depends on several factors. Your Pet’s Coat Your pet’s individual coat characteristics are going to largely determine how often they need to be groomed. Shorter-haired pets will be less prone to collecting dirt and getting matted, so they won’t need to be groomed as often. With a short-haired…

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