How Often Should I Groom My Pet?

Getting your pet groomed professionally is a great way to keep them clean, great-smelling, and healthier for longer.

One of the big questions after you begin grooming your pet is how often you need to continue getting them groomed. 

The answer to that isn’t as simple as a specific number. Instead, it depends on several factors.

Your Pet’s Coat

Your pet’s individual coat characteristics are going to largely determine how often they need to be groomed.

Shorter-haired pets will be less prone to collecting dirt and getting matted, so they won’t need to be groomed as often. With a short-haired animal, you’re probably safe getting them groomed every season, or four times per year.

If your pet sheds excessively, ask your groomer if they offer low-shed services such as a “blow-out” or furminating, which can help give your pet a thorough brush-out and get rid of extra fur.

For dogs that have short hair and double coats, you may need to get them groomed quarterly or seasonally. These dogs shed their undercoats four times a year, so get them groomed and thoroughly combed-out before all that dead undercoat fur ends up all over you and your furniture. Dead coat may mat near your dog’s skin and can cause irritation and rashes. 

Long-haired dogs that have double coats or thick undercoats also should be groomed at least seasonally. 

These dogs shed seasonally and you should get them groomed, combed out, shaved, and de-matted at least every three months. If your dog is prone to tangles and matting, consider more frequent grooming.

Silky-coated dogs need frequent hair trims to keep their coats in great condition and to prevent matting. A short cut can last a dog two to three months, but if your groomer leaves more than an inch of fur on your dog at a cut, you should get your dog groomed every four to six weeks to prevent matting.

The same goes for dogs with curly and wavy coats. They should be professionally groomed every four to six weeks and brushed at least twice a week, at minimum.


If your pet has allergies that impact their coat or skin, you may need to adjust how often you groom them.

Some allergies require more frequent grooming, while frequent grooming may exacerbate some other types of allergies.

Talk with your veterinarian and your groomer to get their recommendations on how often you should have your pet groomed. These two professionals have the best insight into your pet’s individual needs, what products will work best, and what routine will keep them the most comfortable and healthy.

Your Environment

Pets that are outdoors more often will need to be washed and groomed more often because of the dirt, bugs, and pollen they can pick up in their coats. 

For dogs who primarily live indoors, you may be able to get by with more infrequent grooming.

Consider the environment you live in, how frequently your pet is inside, and your pet’s individual coat characteristics when deciding when to schedule your next grooming appointment.

Your Budget

Getting your pet professionally groomed isn’t an inexpensive venture, and you absolutely need to consider how often you feel comfortable spending the money.

If cost is a concern for you, talk with your groomer and veterinarian to figure out the minimum number of grooming appointments your pet needs annually. This will help you determine how much you’ll be spending on grooming, and whether you can add additional appointments as budget allows.

When bathing at home in between grooming, be sure to fully brush out your dog’s coat to prevent mats. 

Professional Pet Grooming in Frederick, MD

At Old Farm Veterinary Hospital, we want to make sure your pets stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve got a professional groomer on staff to help keep your pet’s coat in peak condition. Our groomer gives your pet a good wash, trim, and brushing, going back to you clean and shiny. Schedule your grooming appointment today!