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Are Wellness Exams Necessary If My Pet Is Healthy?

Many pet owners know that wellness exams are essential for new puppies and kittens to establish their health, de-worm and vaccinate them, and discuss spay and neutering options.  They also know to visit the veterinarian if the pet shows signs of illness. This could include limping, changes in diet, or lethargy. But some pet owners may be skeptical about regular wellness exams when their pet seems totally healthy. This brings us to the question: Are wellness exams necessary? The answer is YES.  Wellness exams are just important for pets as they are for people. Humans must visit the doctor or…

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What Happens at an Annual Animal Wellness Exam?

You may think that you only need to bring your pet to the vet for shots or when they are ill, but an annual wellness exam is key to keeping your cat or dog healthy, happy, and thriving! An annual wellness exam promotes overall health and well-being, and helps you to catch potential illnesses before they become chronic problems, or worse. How Often Should I Schedule a Wellness Exam? You’ve probably heard that one human year is equivalent to seven dog years. While the calculation is a little more complicated than that, the fact remains – pets age at a…

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