Are Wellness Exams Necessary If My Pet Is Healthy?

Many pet owners know that wellness exams are essential for new puppies and kittens to establish their health, de-worm and vaccinate them, and discuss spay and neutering options. 

They also know to visit the veterinarian if the pet shows signs of illness. This could include limping, changes in diet, or lethargy.

But some pet owners may be skeptical about regular wellness exams when their pet seems totally healthy. This brings us to the question: Are wellness exams necessary? The answer is YES. 

Wellness exams are just important for pets as they are for people. Humans must visit the doctor or dentist, even when nothing in particular is bothering us, just to make sure everything is functioning in tip-top shape. 

This can help prevent diseases before they begin and give us a chance to ask specific questions about our health.

The same is true for pets. 

Wellness exams can catch early warning signs of arthritis, obesity, diabetes, and more. The vet can offer advice regarding the pets care, nutrition, or training to prevent issues down the line. 

Any questions you may have about your pets day-to-day behavior can also be addressed at this time. 

What Happens at a Wellness Exam?

When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam, the vet checks many things. 

First, they check and record your pet’s temperature, weight, respiratory rate, and pulse. This information is essential, even when your pet is healthy. 

In fact, establishing a baseline of what your healthy pet looks and acts like can make it more obvious when something is amiss. Everything that is measured is kept on record and can be referred to at the next vet visit.

Next, the vet completes a total examination of your pet, head to tail. They check the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth for any signs of disease or infection. Because dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet care, they will likely offer some advice at this stage to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

The vet also feels your pet’s lymph nodes and abdomen. Any swelling or tenderness could be a red flag that goes unnoticed by many pet owners. Finally, they look over your pet’s skin and fur. 

A wellness exam may also consist of vaccinations, prescribing medications, or screening bloodwork for potential issues. The vet will let you know if any of these are necessary. 

Pet Wellness Exams in Frederick, Maryland

Regular wellness exams are essential to maintaining your pet’s health. They should be completed once a year for most pets, and twice a year for senior pets. At Old Farm Veterinary Hospital, our team of skilled and caring vets can detect and treat any health issues that may fly under your radar. Call us today to schedule an appointment!