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5 Signs Your Kids Are Ready for a Pet

They’ve begged. They’ve pleaded. They’ve promised to do all the chores for the rest of forever if you’ll just let them get a pet. While your kids may say they’re ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet, the reality of that responsibility every single day may be more than some kids are ready to handle. From feeding to walking to cleaning up after them, the tasks that pile up aren’t as pleasant as the thought of just owning a pet. How can you tell if your kids are really ready for pet ownership? Here are 5…

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7 Signs Your Dog or Cat May Be in Pain

As much as you’d like them to, your dog or cat cannot talk. This makes determining when your pet is ill or injured difficult, as you have to watch for behavior or other warning signs. Keeping an eye out for signs of pain is especially important as pets age, as they become more likely to suffer from ailments such as arthritis or dental issues. Even though your dog or cat can’t speak up to tell you they’re hurting, here are 7 signs your pet may be in pain: Aggressive or Antisocial Behavior If your normally even-keeled pup suddenly begins growling…

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